Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the Beginnig

When I went for ultrasound at my 14th week of pregnancy to do some genetic testing, they found two pretty large cysts in my ovaries. The ultrasound technician asked me if I have been taking infertility hormones because that would be one case where he seems women's cysts being stimulated. They were large enough size for doctors to be alarm. The smaller one was 8x6x6cm and the larger one was 16x8x8cm. Normally they are consider large when it's bigger than 6-8cm.

They sent the ultrasound to my regular OB. He called me and told me that during my first child's c-section, the operating doctor had seen some smaller size cyst in the ovary but he was not concern because normally they go away after the pregnancy ends. I guess there was a previous history but I was just not informed.

My OB sent me to see a specialist and I went for another ultrasound. This time to take a look at the cysts better so they can assess whether to do a "draining" method or do laparoscopic surgery to remove the cysts. Draining is where they just stick a needle in to the cyst and drain the liquid out (the cysts are mostly filled with liquid) and they might take care of the cyst later at the c-section or such. But there were too many inner walls in the cyst that the technician is not sure he can do a good job of draining most of it to decrease the size enough to be a safe level.

Plus the specialist is a surgeon and he admit he's more comfortable if he can see what's going on (which is with small camera in to me). He believe the cyst is probably benign due to my age but what if it wasn't? Then the "bad stuff" could start to spread with the puncture hole in the ovary. All evidence point to surgery might be the best option. The surgery is best done during second trimester so the baby is stable enough and there are still enough room to operate.

So we got a date in my 19th week of pregnancy and we are all set to go...

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